Hvar South & Pakleni Islands Tour

Admire the Red Rocks, unwind in the shade of Dubovica bay, savor traditional Dalmatian delicacies and take a dip in a few of Pakleni Islands' bays!

from 67€ / person

Main Info

There isn't a better way to enjoy summer than to hop on a speed boat and search for some refreshment in the sea! The south shore of Hvar island will surprise you with gorgeous beaches and Pakleni islands with its vibrant bays. Start your adventure at 11 am and see the best of Hvar.

Start location: Put Križa 17

Additional Info

Borrow our goggles and dive into the world of the Adriatic sea. Relax while observing the magnificent sealife and capture great memories. You will not need a springboard to show off your awesome cliff jumping skills, as you can do it from the attractive Red Rocks!


  • 5 places
  • More optional places
  • Insurance
  • Skipper
  • Gas
  • Icebox & goggles
  • Light drinks
  • Music

Excursion Itinerary

  • Time 11:00

    Start of the Excursion

    Our crew members will greet you as the group arrives at the agreed-upon meeting spot and assist you in boarding the speedboat. We begin the tour towards our first stop and focal point, Red Rocks after everyone has settled into their seats.

  • Explore the Red Rocks

    The Red Rocks are only one of the many natural attractions that can be found along the shore of the island of Hvar. These fascinating rocks are much more than just a pretty sight to see. They provide a great cliff jumping platform for the adventurous, as well as two little caves into which you can swim.

  • Enjoy the wonders of the Dubovica bay

    Dubovica bay is a piece of heaven on earth. This secluded bay has everything you could possibly want: sea, sand, restaurants and a bar for afternoon refreshments. There is also a cave that you can enter beneath sea level, as well as a beautiful underwater landscape, making it an excellent snorkeling spot you don't want to miss out on.

  • Dive into Green Lagoons turquoise water

    The Green Lagoon beach is only accessible by boat and is located near Milna Bay, making it ideal for escaping the summer crowds. Enjoy the relaxing time you'll have at this quiet bay by swimming in the gorgeous, turquoise sea or sunbathing on the beach.

  • The Pearl of Saint Clement Island

    You can't visit Pakleni Islands without visiting Palmižana, the most famous bay on the island of Hvar. This bay has a number of good restaurants, a fantastic cocktail bar, a beautiful botanical garden, and a sandy beach. It's no exaggeration to say that this bay has everything

  • Slow down at Mlini & Ždrilca bay

    Visiting Mlini and Ždrilca bay is going to be the perfect end to this tour. These two bays are the ideal spot for those wanting to relax among the tree shade as it is usually very quiet and peaceful.

  • Time 18:00

    Return to Hvar

    After a really active day, we head back to town Hvar where you can continue your island adventure.

Excursion Description

Join our Hvar South & Pakleni islands tour from Hvar for a perfect summer getaway! This speedboat excursion starts at 11 a.m. after the group gathers and boards the boat.

Our first stop is just 15 minutes away - the gorgeous Red Rocks. These limestone cliffs emerging from the sea are a natural phenomenon worth visiting. Their vibrant orange and red colors will serve as a fantastic photo prop and their ridges as an exciting cliff jumping spot. Here you can find two small caves with a pebble beach, making it an ideal place for swimming and snorkeling.

Excursion Highlights


Visit Red Rocks natural attraction, take unique photos and experience cliff jumping.


Swim and snorkel in the amazingly clear sea of the Green Lagoon and Dubovica beach.


Discover the best beaches, bars, and restaurants around Pakleni islands.

Places to Visit on Hvar South & Pakleni Islands Tour

Visit best beaches, hidden bays, lagoons and old villages on the south side of the island Hvar and on Pakleni islands

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